About Us

Our History

The Mt. Lebanon Police Department has a rich history that includes highly trained professional police officers who maintain public safety through community policing and aggressive law enforcement.

Historical accounts differ regarding the actual establishment of the department.  It appears that constables provided the only police protection in the community from its founding in 1912 until sometime around 1920.

The agency grew in size from three officers in 1922 to a high of 47 officers in 1969. Over the years a number of specialty units, new types of vehicles, equipment and advanced technology have been introduced into the department based on crime trends and community needs.

Today the MLPD is authorized at 46 officers.  The issues of homeland security, drug related crime, violent crime, identity theft, computer crimes and over 21,000 annual calls for service associated with 33,000 people in a professional, densely populated community pose a continuing challenge to the department.

Strategic, flexible and established planning based on citizen needs, crime and statistics allow for a proactive, effective approach to law enforcement.  College educated, highly trained professional officers provide a full spectrum of community policing services that include basic patrol services, education and prevention programs, specialized service and enforcement programs as well as advanced investigative and tactical capability.

Eleven chiefs of police have served the community since the founding of the MLPD.

1920-1931          Charles Baldwin
1931-1932          Charles Senn
1932-1940          W. J. Kane
1940-1954          Charles Senn
1954-1969          Walter Kunkle
1969-1972          George Geissinger
1972-1990          David Varrelman
1990-1998          Frank Brown
1998-2008         Thomas Ogden, Jr.
2009-2015         Coleman McDonough
2015-Present     Aaron Lauth