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Wildlife in Lebo – Coyotes, Foxes, and Bobcats

Recently, the Mt. Lebanon Police and South Hills Cooperative Animal Control have experienced an increase in reported sightings and encounters with various wildlife within Mt. Lebanon and in other South Hills communities.  These animals, coyotes, foxes, or bobcats are not new to [...]

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Pet Find Project

Reuniting lost pets with their owners When South Hills Cooperative Animal Control (SHCAC) picks up a lost dog or cat, they will post its picture and any information it has about the animal on this webpage. Information will remain online [...]

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Animal Ordinances

Barking Dogs 1001 – Noise Disturbance. It shall be illegal within the Municipality for any person to own, possess or control any dog which barks, yelps, howls or makes other similar offensive noise continuously or repeatedly for a period of [...]

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Pet FAQs

What do I do about my neighbor’s barking dog? What are the rules on dogs running at large? When do I have to license my dog? What parks in the municipality allow for my dogs to run off leash? Who [...]

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