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K-9 Patrol

MLPD currently utilizes one canine (K-9) officer in the patrol unit of the operations division.  K-9 Snieper, who is partnered with Ofc. Ben Himan, is a Belgian Malinois who was born in Holland.  Ofc. Himan and Snieper completed a six week [...]

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Bike Patrol

The goals of the MLPD Bicycle Unit are to prevent and deter crime in the community by patrolling areas that are inaccessible to motorized patrols.  These areas include: business districts, alleyways, residential areas, parks, schools, wooded areas, and the golf [...]

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Field Training

The Field Training program is a formal on-the-job training, coaching, and performance evaluation program that helps new police officers deliver the highest level of service. Experienced MLPD field training officers work with recruits to ensure they have the knowledge and [...]

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