Disability Awareness Stickers now available

July 16, 2019 News

Stickers will help communication during emergencies

If you or someone you love has autism or an intellectual disability that might not be apparent to first responders, you can now get a sticker to place on your vehicle or home to alert emergency workers. Individuals with these disabilities don’t always respond in a way that first responders might expect, so the sticker is a valuable alert to help keep everyone safe in the event of an emergency.

The stickers are available from the Mt. Lebanon Police Crime Prevention Unit, from the Community Outreach Division of the Mt. Lebanon Fire Department (both at 555 Washington Road) or from the administration of Medical Rescue Team South Authority, 315 Cypress Way. You may want to introduce the individual to the responders when you pick up the sticker, as friendly interaction can create a positive baseline experience.

To get a sticker from the MLPD Crime Prevention Unit, please call 412-343-4068. For additional questions, call 412-343-4016.

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