Below are links to selected sections of the Mt. Lebanon Code most relevant to MLPD operations. Please click here for the full Mt. Lebanon Code and Home Rule Charter.

Chapter II: Buildings

  • Part 3: Hours and Conditions of  Construction Work

Chapter III: Conduct

  • Part 1: Destruction of Notices (tampering with official notices prohibited)
  • Part 2: Littering
  • Part 3: Malicious Mischief (entry or refusal to leave public property in violation of regulations)
  • Part 4: Obscenity and Pornography
  • Part 5: Curfew for Taverns
  • Part 6: Drug Paraphernalia
  • Part 7: Warrantless Arrests/ Summary (when arrests may be made without arrest warrant)
  • Part 8: Regulations of Commercial Leaf Blowers
  • Part 9: Barking Dogs (when barking dogs are illegal; penalties)
  • Part 10: Alcoholic Beverages (prohibitions and permissions surrounding alcoholic consumption and events involving alcohol)

Chapter IV: Fire Prevention and Fire Protection

  • Part 3: Fire Control Measures (authority of fire officials; rules surrounding fire department’s emergency operations)

Chapter VII: Health and Safety

  • Part 1: Health and Safety (authority of County Health Department)
  • Part 2: Grass and Weeds (prohibited yard vegetation; responsibility for removal or cutting; penalties)
  • Part 3: Unsanitary Matters and Wastes (prohibitions on dumping, depositing, or accumulation of unsanitary waste, debris, etc.)
  • Part 4: Environmental Conditions of Property (minimal environmental conditions of properties, such as requirements for yard sanitation and drainage and building construction and maintenance)
  • Part 5: Deer (knowing or intentional feeding of deer prohibited)

Chapter VIII: Licenses, Permits and General Business Regulations.

  • Part 1: Amusement Device Regulations (gambling prohibited)
  • Part 2: Parades and Processions (permit required)
  • Part 3: Solicitation (background check and permit required for door-to-door sales)
  • Part 4: Utility Facilities (licensing requirements)
  • Part 5: Alarm Devices (permit required and false alarm fees)
    Part 6: Health Clubs (licensing requirements)

Chapter X: Motor Vehicles and Traffic

  • Part 1: Preliminary Provisions (purpose of chapter, definitions)
  • Part 2: Powers and Duties of Police, Municipal Officials and Authorities
  • Part 3: Procedure for Establishment of Traffic Regulations for Trial Period (temporary traffic regulations)
  • Part 4: General Provisions (traffic-control devices required for regulations of Chapter X to legally apply to vehicle operators)
  • Part 5: Application of Chapter (Chapter X applies to vehicle operators, special privileges granted to emergency vehicles)
  • Part 6: Public Conveyances (authorization of bus or coach stops, restrictions on taxicabs)
  • Part 7: Rights and Duties of Pedestrians: (legal methods of crossing roadways, special requirements in business districts)
  • Part 8: Street and Highway Use Restriction (rules for through truck traffic; prohibition on vehicles using speakers for advertisement; funeral processions; obstructions to sidewalks and view of traffic)
  • Part 9: Stopping, Standing, and Parking
  • Part 10: Traffic Flow (through highways; one-way streets; no-turn locations; no-passing areas; speed limits; stop signs; traffic-control signals)
  • Part 11: Miscellaneous Provisions (pedalcycles, skateboards, coasters, skates, etc; immobilizing vehicles; vehicle towing and storage)
  • Part 12: Penalties

Chapter XI: Parks and Recreation

  • Part 1: Parks, Parklets, and Traffic Islands (definitions and list of parks, parklets, and traffic islands)
  • Part 2: Rules and Regulations for Recreation Facilities

Chapter XIV: Solid Waste

  • Part 1: Collection
  • Part 2: Placement for Collection
  • Part 3: Recycling
  • Part 4: Dumping and Accumulation
    Part 5: Littering and Debris (commercial districts)
    Part: 6 Covered Device Recycling

Chapter XV: Streets and Sidewalks

  • Part 1: Excavations in Streets (permit required and notice to police and fire authorities)
    Part 2: Sidewalk Construction, Repair, and Maintenance (construction; obstruction of sidewalk prohibited; rules for snow removal)

Chapter XX: Zoning

  • Part 8: Requirements Applying to All Districts
    • §803: Accessory Uses (regulations surrounding use of PODS, portable sheds, or similar storage facilities)
    • §817: Off-Street Parking